Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A job for Khushi - OS

A sincere thanks for all the kind words  and compassion on my note, It does help...

This is random, total nonsensical OS - Read at your own risk :)

Should she talk to him? Should she broach the topic with her husband today? Khushi was walking in her room, pondering in an agitated state of mind. Finally deciding to bite the bullet, she approached her husband who was furiously pounding at the computer by the poolside.

"Arnavji.." approached Khushi
"Hmm" came his non committal reply
"Arnavji I need to talk to you'"
"Ya, I am listening" he said without lifting his eyes off his laptop..

"Woh Arnavji, I was thinking since many days to do something. I wanted to take up some kind of work. I have so much time on my hands and wanted to something worthwhile..."

"OK'" he said

"Arnavji are you even listening to me?" Khushi pouted at her husband who was still looking at the computer

"Ya, I am listening...continue'" he said his eyes glued to his laptop

"So as I was saying I want to do some work, take up some kind of a job." she said in a defiant tone.

"Ok come to AR Fashions, we can find something for you to do there..some kind of admin or accounting work.." he said

"No.. No.. Arnavji I want to do something with my own hands. See, I liked the tiffin service, I got make food with my own hands. I also loved making diyas with Lavanyaji that we did by ourselves...

"I want to do some kind of hand job.." she naively said

That got his  full attention, his eyes jerked up at her words "What the!! What did you just say?"

"What do you mean what the Arnavji.. You heard what I said. And I am going to do it, no matter what you say." she said her voice rising defiantly

Khushi did you just say you want to do a 'hand job'??? he asked incredulously 

"YES!! so what!!  Is it a crime? And not necessarily a hand job, any job will do, but I prefer to do something to do with my hands..."  

"Not necessarily a hand job... any job will do'" he repeated her words, trying hard to smother his laughter at what she was saying

"And why suddenly this need to do er..a job ?" he asked with mischief sparking in his eyes 

"Arnavji, you didn't listen to a single word I said earlier! Fine I will repeat for you! I have so much time and energy during the day, i thought i should do something different...

"yes, preferably with your hands..something different.." Arnav completed with a wide smirk, his imagination getting more wilder by the minute..

Khushi frowned..something was not right, why was this laat governor smirking so much...

"And when would you do er.. 'this job' Khushi? What if it starts interfering in our lives?" Arnav asked further keeping a straight face

"Oh don't worry at all, I will do it during the day time. It won't disturb our life I promise. When you come back in the evening, everything will the same, I won't get tired..." she said earnestly trying to convince her husband

"I see" he muttered closing his laptop and getting up. "Let's go Khushi" he said, taking her by her hand and pulling her in their room.

"Where  are we going Arnavji? asked Khushi feeling utterly confused

"Well Khushi, I have a 'job' for you to do," he said with full blown laughter, a naughty look gleaming in his eyes as he pulled her inside and shut the doors..