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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 11

 Part 11- Solace

“Please please Arnav let me go. ” Khushi hoarsely replied…

His answer was to hold her more intimately against him..He moved his face closer to her and whispered against hers… “I will, I promise but first you tell me how you dream of touching me and what things you feel like doing to me… Tell me Khushi”

“Arnaaav please” she said with her heart slamming against her breastbone. But he refused to relent.."Tell me Khushi."

“I feel like kissing you…” she whispered

“Where do you feel like kissing me?” he whispered back. She looked at his lips and blushed and looked away

Arnav felt the sweetest kind of torture with what was happening between them. He knew this was not going to come to its natural conclusion, but still he couldn’t help himself. “Do you feel like putting your hands under my shirt and touching me?" he murmured

Khushi’s breath hitched and she trembled in his arms. Arnav was watching her face carefully, and slowly took her hands and guided them inside his shirt. Her hands quivered as she slowly and tentatively took the initiative to explore his muscled body underneath. He was so hard and lean and strong, so different from her own self and her nails clenched on his chest. Arnav’s eyes closed as he willed himself to hold on and bear the gratifying agony for her sake. However powerless at the mercy of his body, he took her hands and put it against his hard arousal. “Do you dream of touching me here? Are you curious about how I would feel in your hands?” he whispered against her hair.

Khushi’s eyes flew to his, coming out her stupor, and tried snatching her hand away as if scorched. He knew she would be shy and could gauge her nervous reaction, but he held her hand firmly pressed against him. Maybe it was a little too much for her, but he couldn’t help it against the torrent of feelings going through him. “Baby I dream about it all the time…” he whispered…” I wonder how good it will feel when you touch me..

Khushi whimpered, mesmerized by his words and the feel of barely leashed raw power under her hands. He felt so warm, hard and alive beneath her hands. A natural curiosity to explore and discover him assailed her. How would he react if she moved her hands over him, she wondered and tentatively reached out to touch him. He had not expected this and he uttered a guttural moan at her hesitant but willing touch. Before any of this could go any further, a shrill ring from his cell phone broke the spell and Khushi pulled back with a jerk.

Arnav uttered a frustrated oath and barked hello on the phone and his body stiffened and tensed at what Aman told him on the other end. “I am coming right now.” he stated in a troubled tone.

“There’s a fire in one of the factories... I don’t think there were any people involved in the accident but I need to go to make sure nobody's hurt..” he said in response to the silent question in her eyes.

“Arnav…take care.”  she whispered..

“I will…don’t worry.. You sleep off.” He said and left without looking back. Arnav took a deep breath, trying hard to fight the images of his mom and dad caught in the fire and the plight of a small boy looking at helplessly them.

Khushi went upstairs to change in to her nightwear, remembering what Anjali had told her about their's parent's accident  and how Arnav silently suffered due the incident. Khushi made up her mind, she changed and came downstairs to wait for him to return.


Arnav returned home, disturbed and depressed, his demons coming back to haunt him. He could still vividly remember the scene of his parents trapped in the fire in front of him. The little boy in him had cried out for his mom to soothe him and calm him, but the person who could pacify him could no longer reach out to him. Over the years he had  come to terms with that horrifying incident, but somewhere the small boy still lived within him and yearned for a loving affectionate touch to soothe away the recurring nightmares from the aftermath. He had grown a backbone and become strong for his little sister but he still mourned in private, and still suffered in silence. Today the nightmares had returned back in full force and bleak coldness was spreading through him. He went to pour himself a stiff shot of whiskey, when he saw her lying on the sofa. She had changed in to her PJs, her hair still slightly wet and she was dozing with her head resting on the sofa. The knowledge she had come to down to wait for him filled him somewhere with a warm fuzzy feeling. A gradual warmth spread through him slowly ebbing the bleak feeling, knowing that she cared.

He came near her, lifted her, taking a deep breath to take her sweet smell in. He picked her up and walked upstairs. However instead of dropping Khushi to her room, he carried her further to his room and lay her down on his bed. He took a quick shower, wore his pajama, courtesy her presence and slid on to the bed next to her. There was some strange feeling of solace with her lying next to him and he snuggled her close against him and dozed off in a light peaceful sleep.


Lavanya was sitting with NK sipping coffee. “So NK how’s it going…you and khushi are an item huh?” she asked in a teasing tone. NK felt a little embarrassed at her teasing but replied back happily… “Not yet, but hopefully soon..”

“How nice! Hey I have a great idea, Anjali’s birthday is coming up soon how about you and I  with Shyam give Anjali a surprise." she suggested. "However Shyam may also be so busy with his wedding preparations, so it would up to you and me to arrange for Anjali’s birthday. We will keep it small and cozy, It would be just us 3 couples Anjali and Shyam, Arnav and I and you and Khushi,”  she said in a conspiratory tone. “I know this great beach front property in this cozy romantic town. It will be awesome!”

NK flushed with pleasure at the thought of spending uninterrupted time with Khushi in the coming weekend. It would be so splendid to be with her and lost in his thoughts, he missed the calculated gleam in her eyes. “Sounds like an excellent idea. I am with you, let’s go and talk to Shyam today itself.” He enthused.

Lavanya smiled…that had been too easy, she thought to herself. “Oh BTW do you know that Khushi loves red roses and believes in astrology.”  “Really?" NK asked, "how do you know all this..”

She remembered the information in the dossier marked as Khushi and blatantly lied through her teeth. “Oh I think Anjaji had mentioned it.”

“Thanks much Lavanya for the information!” he said. “Oh no not at all..That’s what friends are for!” she replied.

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Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 10

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Part 10 - Revelation

Lavanya Kashap was nothing if not organized. She looked at the file in front of her, where she had categorized the material on Khushi methodically. She re-read the information one more time, recognizing that there was nothing here that suggested there was anything special about that girl in way whatsoever. She was good-looking but then there were so many better-looking girls who had entered ASR’s life. She required to think rationally and tackle this issue from multiple sides. She needed to make Khushi understand, that ASR may choose to f*** her, but in the end he would always come back to Lavanya Kashap and ASR needed to understand that Khushi would easily go and fool with somebody else. If there was one thing that ASR hated immensely was sharing anything he considered his! ASR was extremely possessive! Fooling with another guy when you are with ASR, meant end of road with him, permanently.

She sat still, in deep thoughts when a slow smile lit her face. She knew how to kill two birds with one stone. It was perfect!! She removed her cell phone and dialed him. "Heeeyyyy NK! How are you doing? This is Lavanya," she cooed

It was as if his pen had a will of it’s own and the ink went on flowing on the paper. Arnav Singh Raizada was in a creative mode today and had designed a personal piece for somebody after a hiatus of eight years.  He had started his business of high fashion with a very humble beginning of creating costumes for a play but then business had soon picked up. And as time went on, he was more involved with the business side of things with little time available to get creative.

Arnav looked at the latest sketch of his creation in front of him. It was a stunning mauve colored lehnga with bright fuchsia border and crystals of various hues of blue adorned the lehnga. The color and the fabric would just flow on Anji to bring out her natural beauty. He felt immense satisfaction and pleasure to see his vision materialize on paper. Anji would look gorgeous in these dresses. He had designed three dresses for Anji, but he was not done for the day, he still felt some creative energy bursting in him.

He mounted another piece of paper, took a deep breath and his hands started rendering again, however with a different mood and a different state of mind. He was finally finished and stepped back to look at it. It was a black colored georgette and satin short nightwear that would simply caress her curves. He could already imagine her hardened nipples jut and push against the satin revealing her desire for him. He could also imagine the soft curve of her bottom and her femininity visible to him through the see through skirt.  Jeez, she would look fantastic in it! He was going to gift her this and what’s more, he was going to make sure she would wear it….for him! 

His pulse started beating erratically and his lower body instantly surged as he imagined it on her sinuous curves. He frowned a little at his body’s immediate and complete reaction to her. This was getting a little out of control and if there was one thing that he liked, was to stay in full and complete control. She was starting to get under his skin and he was not sure how comfortable he was with it. He wanted to have a relationship with her, but without much emotional attachment. It was natural that there would be some emotions involved from his side, but they needed to be absolutely within his control.  This was getting a little out of hand, maybe he needed to cool it and avoid her for a few days.

However what Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada didn’t know was that there was nothing predictable about Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta. He never got a chance to avoid Khushi, because to avoid somebody you needed to meet them first. Arnav had not seen Khushi for the past two days. Where the heck was she!! His eyes searched around the house without being obvious, but there were no signs of her. On the third day, after much deliberation, he asked Anjali whereabouts of Khushi on the pretext of work, and if she had gone somewhere for few days. However he was taken aback to know that she was very much here in RM. Where was she then? and why had he not seen her? Another day passed without him catching a glimpse of her and he started to get very agitated.  Where was she? What was she playing at? Was she purposely avoiding him? A slow rage started to built up inside him at the thought of her avoiding him… How dare she!

It was 2.00 am in the morning, and she was tossing and turning in the bed. In spite of avoiding him for so many days, the things that had transpired between them during the last meeting was still vividly etched in her mind. Her body still burned with the feelings he had evoked that night and Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta who did not run away from anybody, for the first time was running away from the strong response he evoked in her body. 

Finally she got up and decided to head out for a swim as there was no fear of bumping into ‘him’ at this ungodly hour. Remembering how he had shown her to shut off the motion detector, she stepped outside and dived in to the pool and swam with long elegant strokes.

Arnav was lying on his bed staring away into nothingness, when he saw the pool motion detector light go off. He knew it would be none other than the elusive person who monopolized his thoughts lately and in an instant he headed down to confront her.  He quietly stepped in the pool area, observing her. It had been so many days since he had last seen her, last held her; he just stood there and gazed at her, taking his fill of her like a starving man. Eventually she stepped out of the pool, and donning a robe, when  he called out to her “Khushi…” 

Khushi jumped out of her skin at the sudden voice, dropping the towel in surprise. “Aaa…Aap? I am sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you” she said.

“You always disturb me Khushi” he retorted back.

“What?” Khushi asked still a little taken aback to find him here at this time.

“Nothing. Where were you this past week?” he asked flatly

“I was here…”

“Really? How come I didn’t see you. ”


He moved near her, till he could almost feel her breath. “Why are you avoiding me?” he asked her evenly

Khushi quietly stood there, unable to retort anything back.

“Khushi answer me!” He ordered. Khushi was still mute and now his bottled up rage started to simmer. He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her closer on to him, so that their bodies were held flush against each other “I am waiting for your answer” he stated softly, increasing the pressure on her arms.

“Let me go…you are hurting me…” she protested 

“I will, after you answer me. One more time Khushi...why are you avoiding me?” He queried almost shouting at her, his patience in tethers.

“Because I didn’t like what I felt with you last time…” she replied back hotly

She didn’t like it!! it was one the most exhilarating experience of his life and she didn’t like it!! Was she disgusted by what happened? Disbelief and hurt clouded his eyes for a moment before he masked it and raised indifferent eyes to her. “Oh really?”

“YES!” Khushi yelled. “I didn’t like it at all. I wish we did not meet that night for hot cocoa. Now, I am never at peace and I feel restless and edgy all the time. I can’t even focus on my work anymore!!”

Arnav was stunned for a moment to hear her reply. What the!! Was she saying what he thought she was saying…Here he was thinking that she was offended by what they had done that night, but on the contrary she responded to it...that also so passionately! An euphoric lightness flooded through him making him smile and laugh lightly at her words.

Khushi saw him laughing and her anger and the feelings she was trying to keep in check this past few days erupted. “Are you laughing at me??” “How dare you mock me!! This is all your fault!” she shouted at him. “I cant stop thinking about how you touched me. I think about it all the time and I want to touch you like that too… I think about doing crazy things to you.. It’s so unsettling, I cant even talk to Anjali or focus on my designs and it has never happened to me..THIS IS ALL YOUR  FAULT…and I..” she continued her tirade, oblivious of what she was revealing to him, too focused on venting out her bottled up emotions.

“How do you want touch me” he softly asked, his caramel eyes darkened with desire

“wha…what?” Khushi asked

“You said you want to touch me and do things to me…What things do you want to do to me?” he asked in a husky voice, her innocent words making him throb to an aching point.

Dear lord did she tell him that? Oh no! “Let me go…” she muttered starting to struggle against his grip, thoroughly embarrassed at her revelation.

“Please please Arnav let me go. ” she hoarsely requested…

His answer was to hold her more intimately against him..He moved his face closer to her and whispered against hers… “I will, I promise, but first you tell me how you dream of touching me and what things you feel like doing to me… Tell me Khushi”

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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 9

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Part 9  - The way ahead

Lavanya sat in her room looking blankly across the wall. She needed to tread carefully, with cool level headedness. If ASR ever found out what she intended to do, he would not take her interference lightly. What she needed to do was get into the enemy camp, know her better and then when the time was right, strike back. The girl was nothing more than a pawn here; her real game was with ASR. He had to understand that only she, Lavanya Kashap, would be a suitable partner for him. And if that bitch got hurt amidst this, so be it, it was just collateral damage, she thought with a sneer. She picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Ya it’s me Lavanya. I need you to dig information on this girl. I am faxing you whatever stats I have. Make sure you get the work done!” she snarled.

Khushi donned a light blue spaghetti top, and navy cotton pajamas preparing to sleep. However all she did was tossed and turned in her bed, her thoughts fixated on him! Stop! She told herself, but she could not stop thinking about him or prevent her mind from replaying his kiss again and again. Every time she thought of him, and how he had thrust his tongue in her mouth, she felt a heavy heat pooling somewhere near her stomach. Maybe this was what her friends were talking about when they talked about being ‘turned on’, but she didn’t know… she was so confused! She wished she could talk to somebody about these strange alien feelings invading her body. She got up and decided to go to Anjali’s room to distract herself.

Anjali and Khushi were chatting and giggling away when Anjali had a brainwave. She said, “Khushi, let me go and make hot cocoa just like old times!” and went downstairs to the kitchen and intentionally made more than enough cocoa to satisfy 4-5 people. Before she came to her room, she called Arnav, “Bhai, Khushi and I were just chit chatting and decided to make some cocoa but I made so much more. Do you want join us to have some?” she asked, smirking inwardly knowing full well what her brother would do.

Anjali entered her room with tray on her hand and casually told Khushi, “I made so much cocoa by mistake that I asked to bhai to join us. Hope that’s OK with you..” Khushi was a little disconcerted to hear that Arnav was joining them and self-consciously looked around but didn’t say anything as Arnav walked in at that moment.

Arnav picked up the cup of hot cocoa, smiled at Anji and glanced at Khushi. Her face was scrubbed clean and her long silky hair were let loose. Her t-shirt left her creamy shoulders bare to his gaze and the way her breasts thrust against the top, he could pretty much wager that she was not wearing a bra underneath. All he had to do was to slid those thin straps down her shoulders to expose her splendor to his gaze. His body clenched at his wayward thoughts and he took a deep breath to calm himself and come back to the present. He vaguely heard Khushi teasing Anjali for something to do with Shyam and Anjali threatening to retaliate back with promise to tickle her if she didn’t stop. Aah! so she was ticklish ..he tucked the information away for future use. He was amicably enjoying the hot drink when Anjali went to get some fluffy white marshmallows, leaving him and Khushi alone for a bit.

“Hi Khushi” he greeted her playfully. “Hi” she shyly replied unable to stop herself from blushing a little. He smirked at her blush and carefully put his drink down and pulled her towards him, so that she half fell against him. 
“Arnavji, what are you doing?” she squealed in shock.

“Why nothing! There was just some cocoa on your mouth, I just wanted to help you clean it..” he replied with mischief written all over his face.

“Let me go please, Anjali will come soon.” She requested fidgeting around

“In that case, you better let me help you clean it soon!”  he whispered roguishly and bent down to take her lips in a quick hard kiss before releasing her. Lost in the heated kiss, she groaned her disappointment as she felt him move away and hearing her disappointed groan, he laughed triumphantly. “Don’t worry baby, I promise this is not the end for tonight, we will continue later..” and let her go as Anjali joined them again. Eventually the cocoa and marshmallows were finished and Anjali pushed them out on pretext of needing her beauty sleep, grinning to herself for her ingenious plan.

Arnav watched Khushi as they walked together from Anji’s room. Her eyes were downcast, refusing to meet his, trying to find a way to escape him. As if he would let her…he thought wickedly. “Khushi, you know when I was little and I could not sleep, my mom would give us hot cocoa and then envelope us in a warm hug and a soft kiss. ”

Khushi innocently looked at him and smiled and said “how nice…”

“I know, it had been such a comforting tradition …I can’t sleep tonight either…” he said continuing to look at her with a wicked expression.

“OK, so..?”  asked Khushi with confusion, not really understanding and then blushed as it dawned on her where he was going with it

“Now look here Arnavji, I am not going to hug you or…or kiss you”
She huffed

“Why not?” he asked

“Because… because…” trying to search for some excuse “you are not a small boy any more and besides anybody could see us…Anjali could come here..”

Arnav saw an empty room and pushed the door open and shoved both of them inside. He kicked the door shut with his leg and towered over her and asked her “Any other objections?” ”No? Good! I want a hug and a kiss Khushi…”

“Too bad…we don’t always get what we want…”she snottily replied back.

“Oh ASR always gets what he wants” he said with smirk. “One way or the other! Now are you going to do it when I am asking you nicely?”

“No I won’t” she replied back in mock defiance

“I see, then I will just have to think of another way...” and started tickling her mercilessly till she finally agreed to do what he demanded.

Her heart was thudding against her chest as she pressed herself closer against him to hug him and then slightly leaned in to give a quick peck on his cheek and moved away.

“And that was supposed to be a kiss?” He asked incredulously

“Well that’s how small boys get kissed.” she answered back impishly, mischief dancing in her eyes

Arnav raised his eyebrows, desire surged through his veins at her gumption. Not bad, he thought to himself, but he was ASR after all! and he was not going to let her get away with it. He moved very close to her and bent his head, licking the soft shell of her ears, sending  shivers tingling down her spine. “But baby, I am not small at all” he whispered…
“Wh..what” she asked in a dazed tone, unable to comprehend anything beyond what his tongue was doing to her.

“I said, I am not small in any way whatsoever” and as if to give her proof of his statement, he rubbed his full hard length against her in a way that left her in no doubts to what he was talking about.

Khushi gasped in shock and pleasure as she felt his arousal pressed against her trembling form. “Ar..Arnav!”

“Yes baby?” He whispered continuing to press himself against her. “You still think I am small?” he asked wickedly

“Pl…Please Arnav” she closed her eyes, unable to withstand the surge of pleasure that coursed through her as he moved

But he was relentless… “Answer me Khushi”

“N-No” khushi stammered, powerless to do anything else but obey him under his sensual assault

Looking at her innocent face clenched tightly, he softened a little. “I can’t help it anymore than you can. This is such a natural reaction and your body is reacting the same way…” He hoarsely whispered

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion not really understanding what he was talking about.

Without looking away from her, he brushed her nipples with the back of his thumb causing them to harden with desire and strain against the material. He showed her the hard nubs that were visibly pointed against her t-shirt. Khushi scrunched her eyes shut again unable to deal with the strange new feelings flowing through her body. She felt like she was burning and only he could help!

“Khushi, do you even know what happens to me, when I see your body respond to me like this? I want to do things to you that you can’t even imagine. I want to love you in ways that would shock you..” he whispered
“Do you know what I would like to do Khushi?” He huskily asked her

“N-no.” She said in a shocked whisper.

“I want to lift your t-shirt and look at you…I want to see how magnificent your breasts look without anything.” “I want to kiss you there” he continued brushing against her nipples “I want to take you in my mouth and taste how sweet you are.” He muttered hoarsely

“Arnav…please..” she whimpered brokenly. What was he doing to her? she was feeling intoxicated! His lower body was firmly pressed against her and the things he was whispering in her ears and doing with his hands was driving her slowly mad. He was watching her closely as he saw her whimper at his words.

“Please…please what?”

“I don’t know Arnav…make it stop…” she said and pressed herself innocently against him. Arnav took in a harsh breath at what she was telling him unknowingly. He was turned on to a throbbing point! He didn’t know how much more he could take without breaking down, Loving her like this was so damned sweet! 

With one deft movement of his hand, he divested her t-shirt.  Khushi gasped at his action and instinctively tried to cover herself. But Arnav held her hands away. “Khushi, you are gorgeous, please let me see you…” he whispered as he took in her naked form on the top. “ you are so beautiful that I am almost afraid to touch you” he whispered with reverence. He was filled with humbleness to know that nobody else had seen her like this.

He gently molded her breasts to fit his palms, eliciting a throaty moan out of her, at his first touch. He closed his eyes, his primitive urges taking over and he bent down to take a peak in his mouth and sucked at it till she cried out in pleasure. He offered the same tribute to the other breast, kissing it and suckling it till she wreathed under him,

“Aaarnaav..” she moaned, lost under the torrent of powerful feelings he aroused with his sensual onslaught.. His body clenched hearing her guttural moan. Oh god, what was he doing… she was an innocent, and if he didn’t stop now, he would just take her, right here as they were. He took a deep breath and with control worthy of ASR, he kissed her one last time, put her t-shirt on and moved away a little.

“See wouldn’t it be simpler if you had just given me a hug and kiss…remember it next time” he ordered her in a mock command. Khushi was still trembling from his earlier ministrations and continued holding him for support least her knees should buckle. “Next time? There will be a next time?” she whispered her thoughts aloud

“Oh yes, you bet there will be. There is no turning back now. You better understand that Khushi….”

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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates Part 8

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Part 8 - Unmasked
Khushi was mortified! She could not believe she just had a conversation with the Laad governer about his…about his *that*. Oh No! how could she do that? Why did she always have to blabber wrong things to wrong people? But if truth be told, he had not behaved like a laad governor at all. He had been kind as he answered her impulsive curiosity; there had been no sign of mockery on his face. And even last night he was very concerned and understanding at her fear of darkness. He had treated her with so much tenderness and kindness. She needed atleast to go and thank him. After much ado and gathering her nerves, Khushi went and knocked on the study that doubled as his office when he lived here. “Can I come in?” she asked.

Aranv was astonished to see Khushi voluntarily come to see him in his office. With the exception of their first meeting when she was spitting fire at him, Khushi always fled away from him, whenever they had met. Whether it was after stamping her foot on his, or shoving him and sticking out her tongue at him, or asking him a question about his arousal…she would always run! And here she was walking to his lair willingly for the first time. Well Khushi was nothing if not unpredictable. He gave a slow smile “Come in” he called. 

Khushi stepped in and closed the door behind her. “Woh Arnavji I wanted to thank you for last night. I….I have a phobia of darkness after my parent’s death and I wanted to thank you for your kindness.” She said with sincerity. Arnav was a little touched at her genuineness, and humbled a little wondering what demons lay buried in her past. He murmured kindly “Not a problem.” He and then roguishly added “I am sure you would do the same for me Khushi, if I was scared, you would hold me, wouldn’t you Khushi?” Redness tinged her cheeks at the thought of holding him, “uuh..sure” she muttered, turning to leave. 

“Khushi wait, I wanted to talk to you about Anji’s trousseau. We need to get started on it soon. I was thinking that you come up with initial sketches of 10 of her dresses; I can do sketches for the other 10. And then we can deliberate over it.” “And we can work on her shaadi lehnga together…That should cover her trousseau.”

How to tell him… khushi thought
“I am hoping that sounds OK to you…” he went on                                         
Tell him now Khushi… she thought
“…I have called some of my team to meet with us on the coming Monday and you can select a few of them to help you with your designs. OK?”

“Arnavji there’s one more thing…Anjali had also asked me to design for her…her nightwear” Khushi said faltering a little with hesitation.
“Nightwear? What nightwear” Arnav asked drawing a blank
“Uh…the one she would wear on her wedding night, and for her honeymoon” Khushi uttered, her cheeks turning pink again.

“Oh I see…” Arnav muttered “Why didn’t she tell me about it” feeling a little disappointed to see Anji not being open with him, considering that he had raised her like a parent.

“Well,  you are brother! Ofcourse she would not tell you! She may feel it’s totally inappropriate and unsuitable for you to design something like that” she said trying to defend her friend’s action.

“And it’s Ok to ask you to design sexy nightwear, you who is totally innocent and clueless about what happens between a guy and a girl. Yes well, I see that’s very suitable and appropriate.” He sarcastically responded back.

“Why…you.. I am not stupid. I do know what happens between a guy and a girl…OK?” Khushi retorted angrily
“You do?” he asked
“Yes I do” she firmly replied
“So you don’t have much experience with guys, but you know about what a guy might like for his bride to wear, his preferences for honeymoon wear and so on” he asked

“Well… I can always ask Aliya and Niki.” she said hesitantly with a little doubt creeping in. “They have boyfriends… I am sure they would be a good help.”

“So you don’t think you should also probably involve a guy, maybe take his opinion also… ” he asked

“A guy? Maybe..maybe I can ask NK” she said doubtfully talking more to herself then to him.

In a flash, he was towering over her menacingly “You are not asking NK any such thing. Do you understand me? DO YOU?” he commanded in a booming voice. His blood boiling at the thought of Nk giving his opinion about sexy lingerie to Khushi.

“But…but you only said to ask a guy” she asked in confusion
“Well you can ask me! After all this will bear the brand of AR designs and I want to make sure it is up to par with our standards. So ask me!”

“But you… you are her brother…”

“But I am not your brother! If it bothers you, I will pretend all of those are designed for you…I can easily imagine you in all those sexy wear,” he said with a wolfish smile, his sudden bout of anger gone at her easy dismissal of asking NK.

“Arnavji!!” she gasped and prettily blushed
“Yes?” he asked knowingly with a smirk.
“ can’t imagine me…”
“But I can…I do imagine you like that Khushi ” he leaned in and whispered in her ears… and the atmosphere between them suddenly charged with electricity. 

Khushi swallowed and trembled a little at his nearness. She didn’t know what was happening to her since yesterday when he came near. She felt a strange restlessness burning in her and wanted somehow, something to douse it, but didn’t know how or what. These new feelings were so very confusing. Arnav watched as her expressive eyes betrayed all her thoughts, his smile softening with tenderness. “What do you want Khushi? Tell me” he whispered

“I..I..” she didn’t know what to say as she herself didn’t know it. Her eyes however reflected a hunger he had awakened, that she was yet consciously unaware about. Involuntarily, as if caught in a spell, her hand went up and her fingers traced his bottom lip, curious about its feel and texture, wanting to explore how it felt under her hands. Arnav was not prepared for her touch and his breath caught and he gasped at her touch. 

His gasp broke the spell, and it brought her out of her  reverie and she tried to withdraw her hand. But Arnav quickly caught it and made her repeat her actions. He made her trace his lips and ever so slowly took her index finger in her mouth and sucked at it, all the while looking at her in the eye. Khushi looked at him helplessly, mesmerized at the eroticism of his actions. Before he could venture any further, there was a knock on the door…

“Bhai? Bhai? Are you in there?” Anjali asked and opened the door. 

Khushi pushed him and moved a little further before Anjali opened the door. But Anjali’s keen eyes did not miss Khushi’s flushed face, heavy breathing, or her brother’s hooded eyes. She smirked inwardly and decided to improvise on the spot. 

“Khushi…glad you are here.. Guess what! Shyam has somehow managed to get 4 tickets for Moral Enemy for tonight. Your favorite hunk Hugh Jackman is in it ” she said with a smile. “Shyam was thinking about asking you and NK to join us…. Are you game for seeing your hunk?” she asked with a grin

“Uh..Uh” she did want to see the movie but not with NK…not sure how best to convey the message.  When Arnav broke in. “Anji, why don’t I join you guys? It’s been ages since I have seen a movie and it will be a good thing to spend time with you and Shyam..” he said. Damn if he would let NK go for a movie with her! 

“Oh how nice Bhai…That would be super!” Anjali said trying to keep a straight face.
“How about you Khushi?”
“Sure” she replied.
“Great I will let Shyam know.” Anjali said starting to leave.
“Wait Anjali…” Khushi said and stealing a last glance at him, she followed Anjali out of the room.

Khushi, Arnav, and Anjali met Shyam at the movie theatre and they headed inside to watch it. As they were seating, Anjali motioned Shyam to go inside to the last seat so that she would be seated next to him and Arnav & Khushi would have no option but to sit next to each other. “I hope you know what you are doing Anjali…” Shyam whispered and Anjali just answered him with a wink.  

Khushi tried hard to concentrate on the movie, but she was very conscious of Arnav’s nearness. Probably the first time in her life, she could not enjoy a movie that had Hugh Jackman in it! She was somehow trying to focus and watch it, when his hand lifted and entwined with hers. Arnav smiled as he felt her momentarily stiffen at the contact, but did not withdraw her hand. They continued holding hands as the movie progressed but there was one very intense scene in the movie where the hero started kissing the heroine passionately and started undressing her. Khushi blushed at the scene, feeling very conscious of Arnav siting next to her and tried pulling her hand out of his grasp. Arnav’s gripped tightened on her hand, refusing to let her hand out of his. He started caressing her hand with his thumb with a rhythm mimicking the scene, slow and gentle initially and then faster as the scene progressed. 

Khushi felt heat pooling in the pit of her stomach and her heart beating very fast at Arnav’s touch. She was watching the scene on the screen with the actors, but with Arnav’s actions, she could not help but imagine Arnav and herself in her mind.  She closed her eyes ending all pretense of watching the movie. Arnav was closely watching emotions flit across her face and he gently laid her head over his shoulder for the remainder of the movie.

The movie ended, and they all headed out, Anjali gushing about the movie and then said in a regretful voice “Shyam… I am so sorry but I can’t come with you to meet your sister tonight. ” 

“Huh” Shyam uttered surprised when he felt her elbow shove him. “Oh yes…it’s sad…but please try to come” he said
“Actually I promised Khushi, I am going to spend time with her discussing old times… And Khushi was so looking forward to it…”
“OH Anjali…don’t be silly. We can always do it tomorrow night. Of course go ahead! ” said Khushi smiling

“Are you sure Khush? Bhai you will take her home…right?” Anjali
“No I will drop her somewhere midway. Of course I will take her home! Don’t worry Anji.”
“Oh thank you guys, you are the best!” and started leaving with Shyam smiling at him conspiratorially
“I hope you know what you are doing…You know how difficult it was to arrange for 4 movie tickets at the last minute….I better get rewarded good for it!” Shyam said in mock anger. 

“Why don’t you pick out your fav scene from the movie and I will act it out…” Anajali said with a wicked smile knowing full well what scene her fiance would choose. “Don’t worry honey. I think they are prefect for each other. She needs stability and somebody who will be there for her and protect her. Bhai can give her that! And he needs somebody who fills him up with unconditional love…loads and loads of it. She can love him with a generosity of sprit that is unmatchable. They are prefect for each other…just like we are…” she said with a infectious grin.

Arnav and Khushi were driving back home in silence; the tension in car very was palpable. Arnav looked now and then at her averted profile, color was running high on her cheeks, but besides that nothing gave. He parked the car and came the other side opened the door for her, but refusing to move away as she came out, effectively pinning her between the car and himself. “Move Arnavji, let me go” she said in a breathless voice.

 “What’s your hurry Khushi?” he asked huskily “And why do you call me Arnavji?”
“Then what should I call you…” she asked
“ Just Arnav…”
“I can’t call you just by your name… “ she said incredulously
“Yes you can….now say it” he commanded
“Arnav” she whispered, tasting his name on her lips and blushed prettily for him as she said his name aloud.
“Say one more time Khushi” he huskily whispered
“Arnav” she said breathlessly
“Now close your eyes and say my name” he commanded

Khushi closed her eyes and whispered “Arn..” the rest of his name was swallowed by him, as his lips gently covered hers. Soft, probing and gentle initially but slowly he increased the pace and pressure.

“Khushi, please open your mouth for me.” he whispered..."Wha—What?” she asked and that was all he needed to enter his tongue in her mouth. She gasped as his tongue explored her mouth ceaselessly, only stopping when he felt her body tremble and her arms clutch at his shoulders tightly. Sweet heavens, it was so addictive to kiss her, he could get lost in her depths and would not want to surface at all. She was so very pliant and responsive in his arms, but all this was totally new to her, he had to go slow, initiate her slowly.  He gently withdrew and held her hand and led her inside.

The couple lost in their passionate embrace did not see a hidden figure in the dark looking at them with hate filled eyes. How could he! She thought with rage. She had been dumbfounded yesterday, when he had gone, leaving without satisfying himself. It was a good agreement between them; he used her body for his needs and then showered her with jewels that met with her needs. Of course she never told that to him, she always professed to love him, but she was not stupid to think that herself. She had tried reaching him today but no success and finally she had decided to come and see in person. Now she knew the reason! ASR was otherwise occupied with this sl**. Nobody…Nobody steals her man from Lavanya Kashap…least of all this good for nothing b**ch.  She would teach her a lesson and she calmly walked back, needing time to strategize her next move.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates Part 7

Part 7 –  The Awakening
Arnav was sitting in the dark with a glass of single malt scotch in his hand, brooding over tonight’s events when she came down wearing some old pajama top that reached her mid thighs. It showed off her beautiful slim legs as she had not bothered with the pajama bottoms. Looking closely he saw that her glorious breasts were swaying freely, which also meant that she had forgone her bra for tonight and her magnificent breasts were bare underneath that top. He itched to touch them and feel their warm weight in his hands. He ached to take her breasts in his mouth and suck them to his hearts content. Just looking at her made him so very hard! What was it about her that made him react so instantly and so intensely? He was at a loss to understand why he had behaved the way he did an hour ago.

1 hour ago.
”ASR I am so glad you are staying over tonight.. ”
”What do you want to do tonight? ”
”ASR shall I wear my red lingerie… ”
Arnav drove on with a talkative Lavanya by his side. He wished she would keep quite, but she constantly yakked in spite of him answering her in monosyllables. They had reached her apartment and Arnav was badly regretting his rash decision to come here with Lavanya. Before he could utter a single word to Lavanya, she had started pressing herself against him and kissing him. Arnav was in a auto-pilot mode , just standing there while Lavanya’s hands were going all over him. He wanted to tell her to stop it, when Lavanya pushed him on the couch and sat on his lap. Arnav closed his eyes and instantly an image of Khushi sitting on his lap burst in his mind and he pushed Lavanya aside, apologized and went home leaving both of them totally at a loss to understand why he had behaved the way he did…

Khushi walked downstairs trying to fix herself a cup of hot chocolate, hoping to find solace and peace in the drink, against the hurtful images of Arnav and Lavanya that kept darting in her mind. She walked to the kitchen unaware that the silent figure sitting in the dark had gotten up and followed her. “Khushi…” he called out to her as he followed her into the kitchen, feeling frustrated with the desire he felt for her, and feeling compelled by the sway of her curves he saw. 
Khushi turned around in shock, her hand clutching her erratically beating heart to find some other person in the house besides her. Anji was still with Shyam and she had faked a headache to come home and escape any company. “Arnavji…Aap…You scared me. I thought I was alone. Weren’t you supposed to be with…” she kept the sentence hanging midway.  
Khushi felt very conscious about the state of her dress and the lack of her PJ bottoms, fidgeting and trying to pull the top lower to cover more of her legs. However what she did not realize was that pulling the t-shirt down only emphasized her breasts more. The top was thin and worn out and with all the pulling  and stretching,  he could clearly see the outline and dark shadow of her nipples though the top. 
His eyes darkened and glittered, and he slowly sauntered towards her and said “I changed my mind.” Daring her with his eyes to ask him the reason…ask him why.
“Oh!” was all she could mutter, as he was standing right in front of her, looking at her with intense heated gaze. He stood there merely looking at her, not touching her, not speaking anything, just gazing in her eyes deeply, as if trying to pry some secrets from her soul. Khushi felt she would die of hyperventilation. Her heart was slamming very hard in her ribcage. The entire evening she had been aware of him and his nearness and now when he was intentionally so near, it created havoc on her senses. She started babbling to hide her nervousness. “Woh Anjali is not here, it’s just us and I could not sleep so I wanted to make myself some hot chocolate. Do you want some? It’s pretty good…” She jabbered nervously, trying to move away and create some distance between them, but noticing this, Arnav moved even closer.
Her heart slammed in her chest, “Arnavji..Pl…Please let me go.”
“Why?” he enquired..
“Because I can’t breath..”
“But you are breathing… I can feel it.” he said enigmatically
“Wh-What? She asked perplexed
“Look here” he whispered, showing her that how with every breath she took, her breasts torturously brushed against his chest. Khushi was stunned at the sight. It was strangely erotic to see their bodies touch like this. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt an unfamiliar heat pool at the pit of her stomach. She looked up to find him watching her. While she was watching their bodies touching, he watching her watching it! Khushi blushed deeply and helplessly looked at him, not knowing how to react, too much of an innocent to hide or mask her desire for him. 

Arnav groaned and closed his eyes at her unspoken helpless invitation, trying hard to control himself to not touch her. He was heavily aroused and once he started touching her, he would not be able to let her go. He knew very well where it would lead and she was too innocent for it at the moment.  Clenching his jaw in frustration, he took a deep breath and moved aside. 
Khushi stood still for a moment, unable to decide whether to be happy or relieved and then lethargically moved herself to go to her room and she was half way there when everything went pitch dark.
Khushi froze…”Arnavji” she called out….and then started screaming out “Arnavji…Arnavji…” totally freaked out by darkness.
“Khushi I am coming. The power seems to have gone out…Don’t worry.” He reassuringly replied back.
But Khushi was beyond rational thought. “Arnavji…Arnavji” she called out for him desperately. “Khushi…Here I am…what happened?”

Khushi didn’t reply, just hugged him, as if trying to hide herself in him. Arnav automatically opened his arms to hug her trembling form, rubbing her back to relax and reassure her. “Sorry Arnavji…I am very scared of the dark…when my parents... when my parents..” she stopped unable to continue and hugged him tighter. “Ssh Khushi…it’s OK. I know…Anji had told me…I understand.” He replied back concern and reassurance lacing his voice, his hands caressing her hair to calm her down. 
“Khushi, you wait here, I think there is a torch in the garage, I will go get it.” He said. “Nahi Nahi…” she instantly responded, “I will not wait here alone, I will come with you” and held on tightly to his hand. They went in search for a torch but came back empty handed after a long search and after a lot of banging into things that haphazardly lay around in the garage. “Let’s go to my room,  If I am not mistaken, there is a torch there too.” he said slowly heading to his room, careful not to bang into anything again. 
Arnav and Khushi were sitting on the couch in his room, which was still bathed in darkness. They had found the torch but the batteries were dead and they had decided to simply wait for the power to come back. Khushi’s head lay on the armrest and she was sitting respectably away from Arnav, but her grip on Arnav’s hand was resolute. She was not letting him go, finding comfort in holding him and having him next to her.  His other hand went on caressing her hair and slowly she relaxed and her eyes started drooping and within few moments she had dozed off to a light sleep.

Arnav sat still, listening to her calm even breathing, knowing that she had finally slept. He closed his eyes as he remembered how her soft, warm body had felt when she had been in his arms. He had tried to be noble and concerned for her, but he was a man after all and a heavily aroused man at that. When she had hugged him tightly downstairs, he could feel each and every curve of her soft body against him. It had taken all his strength to not reach under her t-shirt, hold her butt and grind her against him. But she had needed comfort and reassurance at that point of time and it made him feel a little warm and fuzzy inside to know that she found comfort holding him close to her. He released a deep sigh waiting for either sleep to claim him or power to come back and relieve his body from the tormented aroused state.

Sunrays filtered through the blinds illuminating their faces and Arnav slowly stretched and opened his eyes. The first sight his eyes saw was her face lying peacefully on his chest. She was lying half on her tummy with her head on his chest, her hand holding his waist. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest and one of her leg was flung over his thighs. He felt he was in heaven! He felt his lower body stir under her bare leg. He gently bent down to kiss her lips and nudge her awake. Khushi slowly stirred, her body protested at being awakened from sweet slumber and she instinctively snuggled closer to his warmth. The warmth, the solidness, the stability felt so good, she could lie like this forever. “Khushi…Khushi..wake up” she slowly opened her eyes, looking at him through sleep befuddled gaze, not comprehending for a moment where  she was. Looking at Arnav, last nights event dawned on her and she struggled to get up and in the process brushed herself against Arnav’s hardness. She stilled and gasped and jumped away from the couch as if scorched, looking everywhere but at him.  

Arnav smiled and told her “Khushi, I can’t help it. It’s an involuntary reaction, nothing I can do about it. He said. “Nothing for you to be embarrassed about.”
Still somewhat in a sleepy state of mind, Khushi asked without thinking “does it hurt when it..?” and then clamped her hands over her mouth as she realized what she had said aloud…”No.. No.. I didn’t mean to ask..” she said blushing a deep red.
Arnav looked at this innocent child-woman in front of him. How could one be so gorgeous to make a guy forget his own name and yet so untouched and innocent, he wondered in awe. Did it hurt, no it did not hurt…but he sure ached…ached to be buried deep inside her warmth…he thought to himself.
“No Khushi, it does not hurt…but it is a sweet torture. Maybe one day you can learn for yourself” he added
Khushi looked at him incredulously to see if he was joking or mocking her, but her eyes widened with shock as she realized he was very serious, with a promise in his eyes. She gulped and ran from his room as fast as her legs could carry her.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates, Part 6

Chapter 6 - Misery has company 
Khushi was furiously swimming across the length of the turquoise swimming pool, trying to erase the memory of how it felt sitting on his lap. If she was honest to herself she would admit that she had liked sitting on his hard lap. But why?? Why had she liked being so close to him was not a reason she could easily fathom. She was not even sure that she liked the man, so then why these contradictory feelings? What was happening to her? Maybe Anjali was right, it was high time she met and went out with other guys.

A pair of hazel brown eyes were following her movements as she swam across the length of his pool. She really did have a gorgeous body and that combined with her defiant fiery spirit,  made her allure so damn irresistible. Aranv Singh Raizada never had to work much to get a girl; they all fell for him one way or the other. But Khushi, after that incident in the study, was hell-bent on avoiding him, and it was starting to tick him off. The fact that she refused to succumb to his charms made him even more determined to get her. What had she said when she had got off from his lap ‘don’t ever do that again’... oh he wouldn’t… no he wouldn’t… instead he would make sure it would be she who would willingly sit on his lap and ask for more… no beg for more! Soon enough… for now he intended to ignore her, like she was ignoring him and get on with his work.
After her swim, Khushi changed and came down for breakfast when Shyam called Anjali to confirm their dinner plans for the evening. After the call was finished, Anajli informed Khushi that “NK has once again asked you out to join us for dinner tonight and go out as a foursome.  I already told him that you would refuse but he wanted me to ask you one more, so…” Khushi interrupted her mid sentence and said “I will join you guys for dinner tonight. It will be fun for four of us to hang out. ”
Anjali was taken aback for a minute at Khushi’s statement. Khushi wanted to hang out with NK. Since when was she interested in him? Oh well, if that’s what Khushi wanted, then that’s what she wanted. But then inspiration struck… “Bhai what are your plans tonight? What will you do for dinner?” she asked her brother. “Don’t worry about me Anji, I am going out for dinner with Lavanya.” Arnav said. Anjali was quiet for a moment before she brightly chirped. “Bhai, I have a brilliant idea, why don’t you and Lavanya join us for dinner, it will be great to spend time together..” 
A muscle ticked in Aranv’s jaw and that was his only outward reaction at Khushi agreeing to go out with NK. What the F*** did it matter to him who she chose to go out with him. He cared a hoot as to who she went out with and he did not intend to make himself a part of this nonsense, he thought furiously. He was starting to refuse when he saw Khushi choke on a piece of toast at Anjali’s invitation to Arnav. The sadist in him could not let go of this opportunity and he found himself saying instead “You know what Anji, you are right, I do want to spend time with you and Shyam and with my busy schedule, it gets so difficult. Sure we will join you guys.”
Doomed Doomed Doomed! That’s how Khushi felt about her upcoming evening plans. She was sitting in the chair thinking gloomily about how wrong things had turned into. She did not really want to go out with NK. The only reason she had agreed to go out with NK was to be free from Arnav’s disturbing presence. And now the Laad Governor himself would be around. She was feeling very pessimistic about her day and what else was in store for her, when Anjali walked in with few of her sarees. “Khushi, Shyam managed to get us reservations at Haveli..can you believe it? It has got a traditional theme tonight…and we need to wear a saree. I talked to La and she is wearing one too. Which one do you want to wear?” Khushi did not want to wear a goddamn saree for tonight’s dinner. “Anjali, I am not sure I want to wear a saree for tonight. Besides I cant even wear it properly and neither can I really handle wearing one! It might just come undone! Why don’t you wear one…I will stick to a suit.” But Anjali would not hear of it and finally just to keep her quiet, Khushi agreed to wear one.
It was 6.30 PM already and Arnav was dressed and waiting for Anjali and Khushi to emerge out of that room so they could meet the others at the restaurant.  Why did the girls took so long to dress up anyways, he thought a little irritated, when he heard voices of Khushi and Anjali coming towards him. 
“Anjali do I really have to wear this?”
“Yes Khushi and you look good.
“It’s going to to come undone…”
“No it wont.”
He looked up as they came in and his breath got stuck in the throat at seeing Khushi. She was wearing wine red lace saree that was draped seductively against her curvaceous body. The color contrasted against her porcelain skin making it come alive. He could see glimpses of her bare waist, her cleavage and her flat stomach, with every stride she took. Her long tresses were brushed till they shone to perfection and they swayed gently with each of her step. As she came near he could smell a faint whiff of a lavender fragrance she was wearing. He wanted to bury his face in the valley between her breasts and maybe stay there the entire evening.  
Khushi was busy trying to focus her energy in handling the saree and walking, but Anjali was looking at her brother and smirked inwardly at his reaction. She had deliberately given Khushi a saree in his brother’s favorite color, knowing that he would be bowled over by the impact and she had not been wrong. Time to deepen the blow. “Bhai, don’t you think Khushi looks beautiful? She doesn’t think she can carry a saree off. What do you think?” said Anjali.  
Khushi looked up at with dumbfounded expression at Anjali’s question only to find his indiscernible gaze on her making her falter her step, but he replied without taking his eyes off her, “Yes Anji, Khushi looks very beautiful. Now shall we go?”
Dinner was going reasonably well, with the exception of the seating arrangements. They were alternatively seated as a guy and a girl and Khushi had found herself seated between Aranv and NK. NK was cute, but she was beginning to tire of his conversation and she did not even dare to begin to think about Arnav. A slow tension was starting to run between both of them that neither acknowledged. Khushi could not refute it any longer, there were definitely some under-currents between them and the more she tried to run away from him, the more she seemed to be aware of it.  Once or twice their arms had brushed accidentally and an electric current had passed through her at his touch. He was behaving very polite and proper but every time he looked at her, heat sizzled from his eyes. It made her want to throw caution to the winds and do something reckless!

She was feeling restless and started fidgeting around. NK saw this and took the opportunity to ask her for a dance. Khushi didn’t want to really dance with NK but it provided a good opportunity to flee from Arnav’s disturbing presence and she said yes and headed to the dance floor.

NK held her by her waist as they danced, his left hand resting just a little above her curved bottom. A slow fire began to simmer in Arnav at that sight. He wanted to yank NK’s hand from her body and punch his face for good measure. When she had accepted NK’s date in the morning, he had felt a rage build up inside him. He had wanted to shake her for agreeing to go out with another guy, but seeing her in arms of another man was making him loose it. Lavnaya was going on speaking something, which he had no clue about and he wished she would shut up. “ASR... ASR..are you listening? I said let us also go and dance…” Arnav looked at Khushi and NK and then looked at Lavanya and said “let’s go home.” 
NK & Khushi had just come back to the table when Arnav said. “Anji, La and I are leaving, don’t wait up for me, I will be spending the night at La’s tonight.” And left with a surprised but a happy Lavanya trailing behind him. 
Khushi watched their retreating back and a deep pain shot through her heart as she imagined Aranv ‘spending the night’ with Lavanya.

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