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FF -Soulmates & Bedmates - Part 1

Chapter 1: The First Meeting
Arnav Singh Raizada was watching the fashion show, proud of his little sister’s achievement but other than that, it was  nothing out of the normal. He started to dial on his phone and froze mid way when a girl with a body like aphrodite donning a red gown that hugged every single of her curve walked down the ramp. Arnav worked with models all the time, dated a quite a few of them and yet none had captured his interest as fast as this one. He took a second look at her, beautiful long tresses flowed on her back, full succulent ripe breasts thrust gently against the fabric, tiny waist, lush curving hips, and long never ending legs that gave him many ideas causing his lower body to stir. He needed to find out who she was and take her to his bed to discover that gorgeous body first hand. He knew she would give in, women usually did. His good looks, innate charm, the power he weaved, and his bank balance did not make the women refuse, rather all of them flocked around him like bees. He leaned towards his PA sitting next to him, and asked her to find out information about the girl in red. Once again his eyes turned on the stage to observe the person who was currently occupying his thoughts, pushing the annoying incident that took place  half an hour ago with the childish brat out of his mind.
Half an Hour ago
Arnav Singh Raizada parked his car and walked towards the auditorium. Today was his younger sister Anjali’s last fashion show at Academy Design School before she would graduate and he had promised her he would be there to witness her show. Arnav was a busy man, a successful business tycoon, his fashion house, one of the top ones in India, however he would always make time for his sister. Anjali was everything to him, the only person he cared for after their parent’s had passed away.
Lost in his thoughts as he was walking, he bumped in to a girl and almost got the scalding coffee spilled on him. “Can you not watch where you are going?” he rudely asked her, fully expecting an apology from the girl.
“Me! Why can’t you watch where you are going? You know god has given you eyes to see!” she replied back insultingly.
“You almost burnt me and spilled coffee on my suit, you know how much the suit costs?” he sneeringly asked her.
“So! It’s not my fault! and who wears a suit in a college campus..unless ofcourse you are a professor and in that case I apologize! It must be difficult to be quick in reflexes with the old age creeping up professor” She insultingly sneered back!
“What the F***, how dare you?” He looked at the brat in sweats with her hair untidily tied back. He had no respect for people who didn’t value their appearances and that combined with her insolence made him want to physically shake her and show this brat her rightful place! He clenched his fist in control! But before he could say anything or do anything he saw the girl give him a contemptuous look and walk away huffing.
Khushi was fuming away! What a rude man! Clearly money didn’t teach people manners and compassion! She was already late for Anjali’s show and Anjali would be freaking out by now. She had promised Anjali that she would model her final piece and be part of her finale. Anjali was a sweetheart and they had struck a bond right since their first day of college. She and Anjali were both studying Fashion Designing and soon graduate. She couldn’t wait to step out in the real world to pursue her dreams, she thought with all the youthful optimism. Well needed to rush to meet Anjali and get ready for the show…

Arnav’s PA knew consequences of not being able to deliver what Arnav Singh Raizada asked and was relived that she could get the information that was asked of her. Arnav noted the information given to him and walked to the indicated room and knocked the door. It was opened by her and she was even more breathtaking in close-up. He couldn’t help notice her breasts which were more fuller and she more slender and her face was gorgeous too! Porcelain skin, cute button nose, and plump succulent lips and beautiful hazel eyes... but currently her eyes were spitting fire at him! “You!! Why are you here? You want me to pay for the damage to your suit?” she asked angrily
What the! it was the same girl who had bumped into him earlier. He was about to react to her statement when he  heard his sister’s voice, “Khushi you were fabulous! I told you, you would be, you were just getting nervous for no reason…” and stopped short as she saw her brother standing there. “Bhai??? Aaap?” But before she could say anything, she was enveloped in a bear hug by her brother. Anajli chattered excitedly for a few moments and then  said “Bhai, oh I forgot…this is my best friend Khushi…and Khushi this is my brother, Arnav Singh Raizada!”
Khushi pleasantly replied, "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Raizada.." but her eyes were spitting venom, making mockery of her words. Arnav smirked, well well well! this was going to be interesting! he thought. He looked her up and down and replied back with devious smirk ”the pleasure is all mine…Khushi…” 

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OS - Laad Governer, teach me - Part 3

First of all thanks to all of you for such positive and motivating comments for Part 2. It was probably one of the more risque piece of my writing which I feared would border on being a little OTT, but I am glad you guys enjoyed. So this part is for all of you who commented and motivated me to write it :-)

Arav was slowing stirring awake from his peaceful slumber. Feeling her soft body pressed against him, brought an instant smile to his face. How his life had changed after she had entered it. He raised his hands to hug her…but he couldn’t move his hands at all! What the! What happened to his hands? He couldn’t move a muscle and he couldn’t comprehend why in his sleepy state. He opened his eyes trying to shake away the sleepiness to find her staring at him with mischief filled eyes and his hands tied to the headboard with her dupatta!  

His heart catapulted with desire and passion tightened his lower body as he read her intentions. Wow!! Here he was a little apprehensive about her reaction to what he had done to her yesterday, wondering whether it may have been too much for his innocent wife…and here she was, returning and reciprocating in full force! Damn he was totally bowled over. He decided to play along..

“Khushi what is this? Untie me at once!” He said
Khushi hesitated, her courage and resolve slipping for an instance wondering if she did the right thing, before she replied…"Nahin”
“If you are Laad Governer than I am your wife, Mrs. Laad Governer, and I can do everything you can do…Samjhe Aap!” mimicking him,  trying to act fierce like him but then ruining the effect by shyly looking away at his intense stare.
Aranv could not control his amusement. A smile broke his usually stern face making it tender and soft. “Accha?”he asked
“Haan!” she replied back.
“In that case, remember what was the first thing I did to you yesterday” he said and smirked.
She looked at him and then a blush stole over her face as she remembered him kissing her there and making her come with his skillful mouth and tongue.
“You are in no position to ask anything. I will do whatever I wish to do.” she answered him back.

However Aranv had seen the emotions flit across her eyes, shyness as he had reminded her what he had done to her, desire as she remembered the pleasure he had given her and then heady determination to meet the challenge. He knew she would do it and he became almost unbearably hard in anticipation.

She raised her hand and put her fingers and traced his lips as he himself had done multiple times earlier. She touched his lips feeling and exploring the hard counters when he suddenly opened his mouth and took her fingers in and looking in to her eyes, started sucking it and playing it with his tongue in imitation of how he had kissed her there last night. Khushi gasped and removed her fingers.

This was not going as planned…Khushi thought, He was too wicked... making her blush all the time…well time to up the stakes, she thought. Taking a deep breath and trembling with shyness, she moved down and bent to take him in her mouth.

Aranv groaned deeply at the first feeling of her soft warm mouth on him. It felt so good….soooo very good. Another moan escaped his lips in anticipation. However she hesitantly stopped…what should she do now? she did not have much clue as to how to please him this way. “Arnav..what what should I do? What do you like? Can you help please?” she asked

In spite of himself, he smiled at her innocence.  "Do you like what you are doing?" he asked her. "Ha..Haan" she replied. "Tell me what do you like.." he asked. "Arnav!! please just tell me what to do" she asked blushing again.
 "Tell me what do you like Khushi" he asked persistently
She flicked her tongue on the tip, moaning as she tasted him..."I..I like you feel in my mouth" she replied with extreme shyness

The combination of her innocence yet an eagerness to please him and openness to be adventurous moved him very much.. He graoned at the feeling of her tongue and whispered “Baby take me in your mouth as much as you can and suck me” and she did that and he stiffened and clenched his hands at the powerful feelings that coursed through him. Khushi repeated the motion again and again and hearing his breathless moans, knowing she was doing the right thing. 
He looked at her with hooded eyes - her eyes closed, her hair flowing free, her lips wrapped around him, taking him in and out of her mouth…Jeez this would be burned in his memory forever…he graoned again at the image and couldn’t take it anymore. He was on the brink of loosing it. “Khushi..stop…baby….let me take you.” he whispered. But Khushi did not untie him, she just straddled him and took him in and moved in and out, slowly increasing her rhythm. This was torture for him. He was so turned on and needed a release now! 

“Khushi!” he commanded
But Khushi was in her element and said
“Tell me I am Mrs. Laad Governer..”
“You are..” he replied and Khushi started moving faster
“Tell me that I can please you however I like..”
“You can..” he replied.. both of them now panting, so very close
“Tell me you love me..” she asked..
“I do..”he replied.

Hearing that,  Khushi sighed deeply with contentment and clenched around him multiple times as she came, making him go over the edge too..

She untied him and both of them lay spent and after a while she gently trying to disengage herself from him to go to the bathroom and get ready for the day. He stopped her and turned around taking her with him and asked her, “Where do you think you are going?”

“To get ready. We need to go down. I need to help di and Payal..” she said as a matter of fact.

“You are not going anywhere for a long long time…You can help Payal & Di later, but first you better finish helping your husband! Your Laad Governor!!” he said wickedly and bent down to passionately kiss her and take her all over again.

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OS - Laad Governer, teach me - Part 2

Khushi moaned Arnav’s name as she came back to earth. How he loved when she did that, when she let go in his arms and cried his name aloud as if he was the only one that mattered. He gave her a few minutes of respite as she caught her breath and then asked her “what did you say, laad governor please teach me?”
“Haan... why” she asked confused.
“And why did you call me laad governor”? He asked huskily
“Because you are,” she said with a smile
“Oh really! Laad governer am I?” he said and slowly turned her around till she was lying on her tummy and raised her hands up.  He took the tie he had recently discarded and before Khushi even realized what he was upto, he had tied her hands with his tie to the head-board of the bed. ”If I am a LG, then let me behave like one” he said with a smirk.
Khushi was shocked…”Aa-rnav what are you doing?, let me go..” struggling to get free. He bent down and kissed her cheek “Why sweetheart, I am only behaving like what you called me...just like a laad governor..and No I would never let you go. I can let you come however ” he said wickedly
He slowly moved his hands over Khushi’s neck, back, moved his hands to her round firm butts and couldn’t help but massage them which elicited a moan out of her. “Aah so you like that, do you?” he said, doing it again, making her moan again.
“So Khushi, how will you please your LG today?” He asked huskily.
“Ma-Matlab?” she asked
“You want to know the meaning?” He said. He slowly started stripping his clothes one by one making sure her eyes stayed glued to his body. When he finally was free of all his clothes, he triumphantly noted that Khushi’s eyes were once again glazed with desire, as they went over his muscled body. He slowly lay next to her and kissed the hollow of her neck. He fondled her breasts with one hand and asked, “Meaning - how are you going to please your laad governor today sweetheart?” and moved himself against her, rubbed his arousal against her, till the meaning of his question was crystal clear to her.
Khushi blushed deeply and he laughed wickedly at her blush. But Khushi couldn’t help it anymore. She was loosing herself in the sensual haze he was creating. She did not understand it much and could not understand why, but it was strangely erotic to be at his mercy and in his control. She never knew people did such things or she was capable of enjoying these things. He was right; she was still a babe in the woods. And how he was changing her! She had been just pleasured but she was starting to feel the heat pool in the pit of her stomach again! Her husband was turning her like him, totally insatiable wanting and needing him and his touch again and again. “I will please you however you want” she moaned.
“However I want? Oh really?” he asked with a quiver in his voice, his voice trembling in anticipation.
Khushi was not capable of thinking anymore as she felt his as she felt his hands play with her aroused rosy tips…she just moaned again saying yes
Arnav groaned at her willingness…he groaned at the thought of all things he had done to her today and things he intended to still further do. He couldn’t control it any more he thought. He bent her legs, raising her butt and entered her from behind in one swift motion and started thrusting into her, holding her butt. 
“Aa-rnav” she said with a  shock.
"Ssh baby..just enjoy"He said thrusting in her hard and moving in her with a fast rhythm and at the same time moving his hand in front to pleasure her.
In a hoarse voice, he asked her “who am I?”
“Arnav” she replied
“NO…who am I” he asked, thrusting in her harder and faster
“My Laad Governor” she moaned
“Do you like to please your LG?” he asked breathlessly
“Ye-Yes” she replied
“Would you you do anything to please him?” he asked breathlessly
“Ye-Yes” she replied
“Do you love LG?” he asked incoherently, as if the question came from the trenches of his soul
Khushi was stunned, they had never talked about the ‘L word’ ever. He knew she loved him, she knew he loved her, but it was always left unsaid.
“Haan I love him,” she said hesitantly
“I love MY laad governer very much,” she said more confidently and she trembled and came for the second time in his arms tonight. Hearing her say those words, feeling her quiver and clench around his arousal as he was thrusting into her took him over the edge too and he gave one final thrust before he went over. They both lay exhausted, Arnav giving feathery kisses to her before sleep claimed both of them into blissful oblivion.
Khushi woke up early next morning to find that she was snuggled up to him. She blushed a deep crimson at the thought of things they had done yesterday. She had never felt such intense feelings emotionally or physically…What had he done to her! He was right, she still had a lot to learn…but than mischief lit her eyes as she thought that she was nothing if not a good learner.
She carefully moved and picked up her duppatta that he had carelessly discarded last night and slowly and carefully, so as to not disturb and awaken him, she moved his hands up and tied it with the duppatta to the headboard. She lay awake next to him, waiting for him to wake up so she could return the favor...
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OS - Laad Governer, teach me - Part 1

Guys this is a continuation from the OS - Suhag Raat on Holi –  I got so many PMs to continue that here it is!  There is a serious mature content warning, don’t read it if you are under 18!! If you are above 18 then be warned it will get hot in here, so please read at your own discretion or with the AC on ;-)
 Laad Governer, teach me... 
Khushi was sitting in their room finished with her daily chores waiting for Arnav to return from his 2 day trip. Life, this past month after the holi 'night' had been so different. Arnav had become so loving and so caring like he was a totally different person. If it was possible, Khushi loved him even more. She was lost in her dream world about her Laad Governer when a strong pair of arms hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. "Miss me?" He asked. 

Khushi turned around smiled and hugged him back and shyly replied a yes. Arnav lifted her and started walking towards the bed, "Khushi I have a surprise for you, how about we go for a honeymoon for 2 weeks this Saturday?" 

"Honeymoon..again? Were we not on a honeymoon when we..when know when went on the supposed business trip for 2 days and you extended it for a week?" she asked with surprise

"You have problems going to honeymoon again with me Mrs. Raizada?" He asked with his eyebrows up.

"No of course not, I don't'..I..I like it" she shyly replied and then mischievously added "but 2 weeks? you may not be able to keep up your strength" and then burst out laughing at her own silly joke.

What the..he thought, Did she just joke about..  Wow! she was getting bold, maybe time to take it up a notch, he thought.

 "Khushi, you have no idea, do you? Forget 2 weeks! With you, I would not get tired going on and on even in 2 months." he wickedly replied, making her blush. He deposited her on the bed, sat down besides here and lifted her chin and continued "you should not talk about things which you have still lot to learn about or you might get in to trouble Mrs. Raizada'. So believe me when I tell you that you are still a babe in the woods in this matter."

Well she had enough of him being know it all...she was no less! "I may not know as much as you but I am not a babe in the woods, not anymore! I am no longer that naive or innocent for that matter, especially considering what we have been doing for the past month..morning and night and sometime even afternoons'" she mischievously replied, wanting to get a raise out of her husband.

Wow!! she was in a mood! He thought to himself. Maybe his absence did make her miss him. Well good! He thought with a wicked wicked wicked plan forming in his mind. "Accha?" He asked, "why don't we have a little test?"

"What test?" She asked

"Test that will prove how much you still need to learn...about me.. from me. Test that will prove how much I still need to teach you." He replied with a smirk, totally loving it! Trust his wife's craziness to make him want her even more! 

"What?? Ofcourse not! I don't a test like that to prove any such thing." she replied

"Kyon dar gayi? He asked with his signature smirk

"Nahi!! Why should I be scared, I am not scared of anything" she replied haughtily

"Then let's have our little test, why are you refusing'"

"Ok fine!" She said

He leaned in and started upbraiding her hair, slowly removing her pins, keeping quiet, making her wonder in anticipation, what he intended to do. He bent down and kissed her neck and bit her earlobe and licked it, knowing she liked that, eliciting a moan out of her as he sucked on her lobes. And when her defenses were a little weak, he asked her, "So tell me Khushi, what is my favorite position?"
"Ky-Kya?" she asked not sure if she heard him right

"What is my favorite position, Khushi?" He asked, now starting to slowly undress her

"Position?" She asked, still not comprehending the context or the meaning, her mind lost in what his hands were doing to her

"Position, as in how I love to do it with you Khushi, you know, me on top with your legs around my waist, you on top straddling me,  us in the shower, standing...

"ARNAV!!" Khushi exclaimed in a scandalized tone, blushing at his explicit question

"Come on Mrs. Raizada, tell me" He whispered, unfazed at her tone, continuing to undress her till she was only left with her inner garments.

Hey DM, what was he asking, how could she tell him things like this..she thought to herself

"Kya hua Khushi, you can't answer? you are giving up so soon?" He asked her in a challenging tone, knowing that would definitely rile her.

"You-You on top of me'" she stammered

"Sorry Khushi, not correct. I love taking you like that, but my favorite position is when I am behind you, your back to my front." he murmured in here ears
She looked at him in confusion...

"Aah I forgot! you don't know about it as we have not tried it but let me explain in to you..." and he leaned in close and whispered in her ears as to what he liked making her blush a deep red at his words. 

"See sweetheart! You still have a lot to learn, don't worry I will teach you very soon, maybe even tonight if you are a good girl! He said wickedly, his hands roaming all over her body, making her heart beat faster and breath hitch at the imagery his words evoked

He bent down and kissed her on her lips and whispered against them "well next question for the test, what do I like doing the most with you?"

Khushi gulped, maybe this was not such a good idea after all! Maybe she had been too hasty in saying she knew enough...the things he was saying was making her blush to the roots, but damned if she would admit it..

"you know when we..when we..when you and I do it" she replied with a stammer, closing her eyes, as she could not meet his eyes anymore. 

"Aaw..Sorry sweetheart, I sure love doing it with you, but let me show you what I love do most" And with a flick of his hand he removed her panties and without any warning whatsoever, he bent down to take her in his mouth. 

"Arnav!!" Khushi exclaimed, trying to close her legs and push him away, but he didn't budge an inch. He kissed her, licked her, sucked her, flicked and laved the bud with his tongue. Khushi had always backed down whenever he had tried to kiss her there and he respected her wishes, wanting to give her more time to ease into the demands he would make. But today he did not back away, he kissed her in every which way he dreamed about, gentle, firm strokes but relentless! He did not move away till a moan escaped her throat 

Slowly he felt her resistance ebb away and her body relax, she involuntarily opened her legs more for him and he smiled...yes, she was getting there, soon she would come for him. He loved to see her loose it in his arms! However for the moment, he stopped and waited looking at her. Khushi felt her body vehemently protest at the loss his touch, at the lost of the magical things he was doing to her. 

"Arnav.. please..  please...  don't stop," she moaned.

"Tell me that you need to learn more " he whispered

"I need to learn more" she replied

"Tell me that you are going to come to 2 weeks honeymoon with me." he whispered

"I will come..I will come" she replied

"Tell me, you will oblige me with the same thing I am doing to you right now" he whispered demandingly

"I will" she replied compliantly 

"Tell me to teach you more things like this.." he whispered

"Ummm Pl..please teach me more things like this Laad Governor" she moaned.

Aranv smiled and continued pleasuring her with his tongue till she touched the stars in his arms.

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OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-) Part 2

Part 2

Arnav kissed her passionately and pulled back to breath for some air. He looked at her face and felt like the wind knocked out of him,  her eyes cloudy with desire, lips swollen from his kiss, and cheeks flushed with color "Umm Arnavji," she moaned. "Don't stop pleaaase!"  Arnav groaned at her statement, he turned over so now she was lying on top of him and pulled her down to take her lips again, holding back nothing, having tasted her once, he couldn't stop himself again.

He finally let go and Khushi looked at him up in wonder and awe. She slowly pulled herself up, her neckline dipping low beacause of her position, giving Arnav a unintentional view of her full breasts

"Arnavji, this feels so good. If I knew how it would feel, I would have asked you earlier Please please let's do some more 'alone stuff'" she said with such enthusiasm and wonder that it made his blood pool downwards. He was having difficultly controlling his body's wild reaction. He took a deep breath and huskily said, "Khushi, I know it feels so good but I think we need to stop."

"Stop? Stop?" She said in a loud incredulous voice, "hum kyo stop kare??" "I don't want to stop and today I will only do what my heart wants and not what you want..samjhe aap?"
And she went on oblivious to whatever he intented to say, "Today I want to do lot of 'alone stuff' with you, so that is what we will do." She giggled..and lay next to him and dozzed off in the next instant.

Aranv didn't know what to expect, should he go ahead a little, oh how his heart wished to introduce her to some more 'alone stuff' as she put it, but she was not in her senses what if she hated him tomorrow? He slowly turned to look at her and she was sleeping  fast, much to his surprise and disappointment. But he couldn't help a smile forming on his lips at her silliness and innocence. He gently kissed her cheeks and was about to move away, when she suddenly got up and started muttering something. "Arnavji it's so hot..on the AC..uff it's so hot."

Arnav said the AC's already on She muttered, "but it's so hot " and then in the next moment, she started removing her clothes, till she was remaining in 2 pieces of black laced underwear. She smiled as a blast of air touched her, cooling her hot body and she sighed in pleasure and lay down on his bed, covers flung aside peacefully sleeping.
Arnav's throat was dry..his breathing hitched, his eyes almost not being able to believe the vision he saw in front of him. She looked like a goddess displayed for him, just for him. He felt she lay there for his personal pleasure and dear lord, the pleasure she would be able to give him!! He saw her full ripe breasts begging to be kissed, her smooth milky skin, her tiny slim waist that he could easily span with his two hands..her gently curved hips, and then he physically trembled as his gaze continued further to linger on her panties. He uttered a deep guttural groan and turned away. He could not leave her in this state and did the next best thing he knew, opened his laptop and started working on it, keeping his back to her, trying to avoid temptation.

He was working on it for about 30 mins when he heard Khushi moan.."Uuhmmm" He froze for a second, his heart started beating fast again and then continued to work on the laptop when she moaned again.."Uhmmm Nanheji, chodiye humein..let me go.."
Arnav's blood started boiling "what the F***" he exclaimed, she is my wife..MY WIFE! then why did she called out NK's name and that also that also with a moan!! How dare she! How dare NK touch her and hold her! She was only his to touch!! Arnav was boiling with a murderous rage..when she started moaning again "Uhmmm Nanheji, chodiye humein, I don't want to put color, I want to go to Arnavji, he and I are going to spend some alone time together, and we are going to do some things I need to go to my Arnavji my Laat governer" she muttered sleepily falling back to sleep.

The pain in his chest slowly eased at hearing this... OK she just wanted NK to leave her so she could come to him..her Arnavji, she had called him. His heart sang on hearing this, he relaxed, feeling light and happy. Damn this work! he thought, putting his laptop aside he lay down next to her and on impulse removed his shirt and hugged her and slowly went to sleep, feeling unsaid pleasure and contentment at sleeping off with her in his arms, unaware that there was more pleasure awaiting them as they would wake up later.

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OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-)

OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-)
Just a thought after seeing today’s episode. Khushi inebriated with bhaang and Arnav’s not had any..
“Kisi ko kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai ke hum akele mein kya karte hai (We don’t need to tell anybody what we do when we are alone.)”Arnav stated, trying hard to control the situation as Khushi was giving too much information away in her bhang induced state.
“Accha?” She replied back but before she could say anything else, he pulled her away.
“Arnavji Aranvji stop..wait..” but Arnav continued pulling her away from everybody.
“Khushi don’t you think you have had enough bhaang?” Arnav asked with a frown
“Arnavji why did you say nobody needs to know what we do alone? We don’t do anything when we are alone!!” and pouted sulkily.
She suddenly got a brainwave and she held Arnav’s hand and started pulling him and dragging him.
“Khushi..what are you doing? Where are we going?” Arnav asked
“Akele mein” she replied with a smirk
“What??” He asked with  incomprehension
“I want to be alone with I can do things, things which I can do alone with you..”  she replied with a naughty smile
Arav gulped, “What are you saying Khushi? stop, wait you are not in your sense”..but she cut him mid-way
“No! today I wont listen to you. Today I will only do what my heart says” and continued pulling him and dragging him with her.
They reached the pool side and she pushed him on the recliner and promptly sat next to him.
Arnav was just staring at her in daze, a part of him wanting to stop this but a part of him wanting her to continue
“So what can we do when we are alone…” Khushi muttered,  thinking aloud. “Hey DM, give me some ideas..”
DM can’t give you any ideas, but I surely can, Arnav thought with a smirk,  wicked things going in his mind, a list of things he wanted to do with her when she was alone..
Suddenly she jumped “yes I got it…You work on your laptop and I will clean the closet. See we will do it alone together..then we can tell everybody what we do when we are alone..”
“Khushi you are no making any sense” Arnav said, “why don’t you go lie down and sleep off.”
“OH yes, that’s even a better idea, let’s lie down together!” she said happily.
And before Arnav could say anything, Khushi was already up and pulling Aranv’s hand and dragging him towards bed. She pushed him towards the bed and lay down next to him, still holding his hand. “What shall we do now?” She asked
Aranv’s heart was starting to beat fast, he could breath in her fragrance next to him, he could feel her soft hands and all her talks about wanting to do things alone was putting ideas in his mind, that were refusing to budge.
“Arnavji” she said getting up a little from her position, “what shall we do now that we are alone? Shall we talk? You know I wanted to ask you one thing. Every time you come near me, why does my heart go dhak dhak?”
“What!!”, Arnav asked in a shocked tone. “Why are you doing what.. what.. all the time!” she giggled..”I said every time you come near me, why does my heart go dhak dhak? You don’t believe me? Then see here” She took the hand the were still holding and put it on her heart which was definteily beating fast. Arnav swallowed at the feel of her soft breast under his hands. It took all his control to not cup it and mould it under his hands.
“Now do you believe me?” She asked..”Ha-haan” he stammered probably the first time in his life. He knew he should remove his hand from her breast, but it felt so good, so right that he could make himself do it. Suddenly Khushi sat up and asked, “does your heart also beat faster when I am around?” and put her hand on his heart but in her buzzed state she didn’t realize she was listening to his right hand side and suddenly yelled. “Arnavji, what happened? You don’t have a heart? Where did it go?”
Arnav was too  lost in the feeling of her soft hands on his chest and with her yelling he suddenly got startled….Khushi started quickly unbuttoning his shirt, trying to look for his heart.
“Kh-Khushi..what are you doing?”
“Shh!! I am looking for your heart” she said and put her head on his bare chest, trying to listen to his heartbeat.
Arnav clenched his fist, he wanted to call out to her DM to tell her to end this torture. He could control only as much before his primitive instincts kicked in. “I found your heart Arnavji and it’s going as fast as mine, ” she giggled. And then she rubbed her face against his chest and continued “Uhmm, and your heart feels very nice..” and she placed an impulsive kiss on his chest. Arnav was in heaven…
“Let’s go.” She suddenly said and trying to get up, but Arnav held her close to him, close to his heart. “Where do you want to go?” He asked
“I want to go tell Di, when we are alone we listen to each other’s heartbeat. But wait you didn’t listen to mine…she said with a frown. here listen to mine!” she said and pulling him down so that his head lay on her soft breast and he could hear the eratic thudding of her heart caused by him, caused by his nearness.That was it, he couldn’t control it anymore gave in to the madness. “Khushi wait, he said, we can’t tell Di only one thing…let’s find more things that we do when are alone and then you can tell her tomorrow…” and with that he leaned in and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

Let me know it is...if I should continue ahead..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat - Part 3

Part 3 - I was not intending to continue and write Part 3, but so many of you requested, so here it is, though a bit short..Hope you enjoy!
Arnav was watching his beautiful wife sleep peacefully with a sheet partially covering her,  such that her beautiful breasts were bared to his eyes. His heart contracted with love just watching her, she looked so beautiful and innocent, well he was not so sure about the innocent part now, thanks to what he did to her last night and with the things he had planned in his mind for today, he wickedly thought. He saw his wife slowly stir from her sleep, stretch like a Cheshire cat, making her pert breasts even more enticing to him. His lower body tensed in anticipation of things to come. He saw her slowly open her eyes, still a little dazed from waking up and wince a little, from possible soreness from their lovemaking yesterday.  “Sore sweetheart?” he tenderly asked.
Khushi had the most peaceful sleep in ages, she stretched luxuriously, before she felt a little sore and recollected the reason for the soreness. She blushed a pretty pink when a husky voice asked her “Sore sweetheart?”
"Ky-Kya?" she asked… “Are you sore there?” he asked again. She blushed a deep red and stammered "I..I" and stopped, she did not know how to answer to such an intimate question.
Arnav felt her shyness, and he pulled her close to him and gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her good morning.  She shyly greeted him back and tried pulling back, but brushed against his arousal in the process. She pulled back from him as if she was scorched and jumped out of the bed forgetting for a second that she was totally naked. Arav saw her in her full glory in the daylight before she realized her mistake and went back to the bed with the sheet covering her till her cheek, looking at him with wide eyes.
Arnav was doing his best not to show amusement at her shyness. He wanted her to be more open with him and asked her, “Did you like it yesterday?” Her eyes flew to his but could not reply anything back. Arnav decided to take another track. “No? I am so sorry it was not good for you, Guess I am not very good at it.” and made a sad face. Khushi looked at him and felt in her heart for him, so she shyly replied back “No.. no it was not like that, I..I..I liked it.”
"No you are just trying to be nice to me, so I will not feel bad, just like a good wife." He replied in a sad voice.
"No Arnav I really liked it..I did." she insisted.
"Achha really? If that is the case then tell me what you liked?" he asked
She blushed and looked away
"See I told you, you were being nice..its OK." he said once more
"No..No..I..I liked it..when you…when you touched me there" she mumbled with shyness
"And?" he asked..
"And I liked when we…when know..when we finally..when you, when we did know what I am saying.." she stammered turning beet red
He nodded to her and triumphantly thought to himself that glad you could talk to me about it. He replied back to her.." I loved it too when you touched me there, stroked me there...And I loved it too when we did it, when I entered you, you were so soft and warm..." making her blush harder.
"However, you know my shoulders are aching and hurting, maybe I have pulled a muscle can you massage it for me?" he asked and rolled over on his tummy, with his eyes closed waiting for her to massage him.
She shyly sat up and started massaging his shoulder. Him being on his tummy with his eyes closed gave her a little confidence to touch him and massage him. However the smooth skin of his shoulders, back and exposed butt, started creating a now familiar pool in the pit of her stomach. She swallowed and continued with the massage. "Can you do it a bit harder?" He requested.
She continued with a little more pressure… "A little more harder please?" he requested.
She started kneeling on him, almost straddling him but without touching him and continued massaging him. Aranv was enjoying the feel of her soft warm hands on him and with the last action as she almost straddled him, he gave a wicked smile. Without warning he flipped over so he was now on his back, facing her and pulled her hips down so she was straddling him, his arousal now grazing her warmth...
Khushi squeaked, "Arnav what are you doing?" He brought her upper body lower so her breasts were brushing against him and her lips were hovering over his.
"Sweetheart, you are so beautiful, that I can’t help but show you and continue with our Suhaag Day...: and with that he pulled her in a passionate kiss and started moving her hips, eliciting a helpless moan from her.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat - Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Suhag raat OS. I am not that happy with it. I wanted to keep it funny but it wandered away...Anyways here we go.

Arnav was looking at his wife sleeping peacefully , while he was busy carrying out his plan. He had reserved a fabulous resort for 2 nights up in the mountains and had packed toiletries and a few clothes for himself and Khushi, not that they would be needing much clothes with the things he had planned in his mind! He went down to meet his Di who was thankfully sober and said that he had a sudden business trip come up for 2 days and he was taking Khushi along with him. And with that his plan was set in motion.
Khushi started stirring around 4.00 pm from her bhang induced slumber. Arnav shook her and told her they needed to head out and she needed to wake up now. Khushi was still feeling a little after effects of the Bhang agreed to Arnav without much questions or ado. They left for the mountains and she slept off again in the car, while he was driving. Arnav smirked looking at her, Good, sleep well! he thought you will need your  strength with the things he had planned. And he prayed for immense reserve of patience for himself.
Khushi was slowly coming to her senses as they reached their room. She asked Aranv, why they were here and what they were doing…but Arnav just brushed her questions…and now that they had dinner, it was time to put his plan in action.
Khushi was sitting on the bed and again started asking him questions on why they were here when Arnav removed his tie and slowly started unbuttoning his shirt looking at Khushi. Khushi gulped..”Arnavji what are you doing?”
“Trying to keep you happy! I am just doing what you like! You like me without a shirt don’t you?” 
“What! Ofcourse not!” She denied… “You don’t. I thought you liked me in Indian clothes and even better without anything!!” He cheekily replied back.
She blushed, Hey Devi Maiyan, how does he know? she thought to herself.
Arnav knew how her min worked and guessed her thoughts and said aloud “Khushi I know! I can read your mind you know” and smirked, and continued the unbuttoning process.
“Wait, wait stop” she said. She was now panicking…could he really read her mind? Did he know that she thought about him kissing her all the time? She said thinking to herself
“Haan, I know that too! And other things too” came the pat reply
Khushi gasped “What nonsense!” she told him. “You can’t read my mind…you don’t know any such thing like that I ….that I prefer you without your shirt” she stammered.
“I do”He confidently said..
“No you don’t” she replied with equal confidence “and if you do then prove it.”
“Ok, I will but if I do, then what?”
“Then I will do whatever you say…but you got to prove it without any doubt whatsoever!” She said smirking to herself…let him now prove he reads my mind. And she continued “if you can’t then you need to do whatever I say! OK?”
Arnav hesitated pretended to think for a while…giving Khushi more confidence and then finally agreed…”but anything the other person says…no backing out..Deal?”
“Deal” she said. “I will give you my word.”
Arnav smiled to himself slowly and whispered “Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada, you don’t know what you have gotten yourself into.” Khushi’s smile faltered a little, but she didn’t back down.
Arnav removed the cell from his pocket and replayed the message from Khushi where she had ordered him to have a Suhag raat with her tonight and had told him that she preferred him without a shirt.
Hey DM when did I really tell him all this things? She thought.  She was mortified and stunned hearing herself say all these things to him. “Nahi Nahi this is not fair…this is not even me..I don’t believe it and I wont accept it.” She exclaimed..
“Khushi, it’s you, and I can prove it beyond a doubt but woh kya hai that everybody else will end up listening to what you ordered your husband to do. So it’s your choice, you do what I say now or once it’s proved and other people have also listened to what you told me…then you can do what I say.” He said with a smirk.
Khushi was stumped, she finally gave in sulkily and said. “Fine!! I will do what you say!” “Good choice Mrs. Raizada” he replied back. He went to the bed and lazily lay down, looking at Khushi up and down, making her very conscious of herself and making her heartbeat slowly increase.
“Mrs. Raizada, you have too many clothes on you. Remove your saree! He commanded.” Khushi gulped. “No I can’t do that…” she said
“Sorry you need to do anything I ask of you, so start”
Khushi conceded and with trembling hands started removing her saree. Once discarded, she looked at Arnav waiting for him to say it’s done. But he smiled and said “now your blouse”
Khushi gasped at the direction at this was going and looked at him with pleading eyes. But the heat and desire in his eyes made her instantly look away. She took a deep breath and started removing her blouse and discarded it to reveal a black lacy bra to his eyes. She crossed her arms over her breast and stood trembling in front of him. Arnav was feeling thick desire running in his veins as he continued looking at her. He took a deep breath and huskily said, “Now the petticoat.”  Without looking at him, she undid the petticoat tie and it fell on her leaving her exposed to him only in her innerwear. Arnav’s breath hitched at seeing Khushi’s gorgeous body revealed to him 2 pieces of black lace. He wanted to just grab her to him and make love to her till she would scream his name in pleasure. Khushi hesitantly looked up at him to see his hot eyes all over her and turned away in shyness, unintentionally providing him delectable view of her round pert bottom. Arnav clenched his jaw in control, he wanted to get up from there and give a bite that succulent bottom, and press him self against her bare bottom, his control was slowly ebbing away.
“Khushi, turn around, face me, and now remove your bra. “ he commanded huskily. Khushi whispered in a trembling voice, “please anravji..yeh mujhse nahi hoga.”
“Come on Khushi, you gave your word..Are you backing out on your word?” knowing that this would instigate her to continue. Slowly she turned around and faced him and unclasped her bra. For a moment he could see those glorious full breast before she put her hands up to cover them. All he wanted to do was take those virginal rosy peaks in his mouth and suck to his hearts content. This was getting so difficult…this was torture. But he wanted to make this special for both of them. He swallowed at his next words, his heart beating erratic. “Khushi, you know what is next, remove your panties.”
Khushi pleaded…”please please please Arnavji I can’t do it.” Arnav’s heart contracted at her innocence, this was her first time for her for all of this. “Ok that case, come here and please put your arms down, I want to see you baby” Khushi now a deep shade of crimson, breathing heavily, slowly walked towards him. Arnav couldn’t take his gaze of her ripe breast which were heaving at her every breath. He itched to feel them, taste them, bury his face in them. He tugged her hand when she stood by the bed making her lie down fully on him, savoring the feel of her soft body  against his for a moment, before gently laying her down next to him.
“Khushi…now remove my shirt.” He ordered.  Khushi looked at him with wide eyes but complied and unbuttoned his shirt. Her breath caught again at seeing her magnificent husband shirtless. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but was too shy to do so. “Now my pants Khushi..” he commanded again.  Khushi looked at him with pleading eyes asking him to show her some respite but the intense desire clouded in his told her otherwise. With trembling hands she started unbuckling his pants and sliding it down. She accidently brushed against his arousal causing him to draw in a sharp breath. Khushi pulled her hand back as if scorched but he asked her to continue.
“My boxers next, Khushi…”he whispered. Khushi trembled again… “No no... please.. Aranv..” she pleaded and just hugged him and hid her face in the crook of his neck feeling very shy at the request. In her innocence she did not realize that they were both nearly naked and her pressing her soft body against his was making him loose it. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest, could smell her sweet smelling hair, could feel her soft femininity against his aroused hardness. It took all his willpower to not push the bits of clothing aside and thrust into her till he was satisfied. Remember she is a virgin…go slow…this is her first time…make it special…he went on repeating again and again in his head.
“Ok, Khushi,” he said moving her gently a little further so he could look into her eyes, “but you need to repeat everything I do.” And with that he placed a kiss on her lips. “Now you do it, he whispered“ She leaned ahead and kissed him. Next, he raised his hands and caressed her face and she copied him and did the same. Slowly he moved his hands lower and cupped her breast and teased the peak till it was stiff. He expectantly looked at her. Khushi’s eye widened and with shaky  hands she caressed his chest and hesitantly touched his nipples making him draw a harsh breath. She was now lost in the sensual web her husband was weaving. She was lost beyond any realms of logic and just blindly obeyed him. He leaned in and finally took her breast in his mouth and kissed the tips, licked them and sucked them, causing her to moan in pleasure... He gave the same love and attention to the other breast and moved back and looked at her. Khushi trembled again but leaned in and kissed his nipples sucked them, nipped them causing him to groan and shudder in pleasure.
His hands, which now trembled in anticipation, moved lower and slipped inside her panties and touched her sensitive spot with gentle hands, starting to pleasure her.  “AA-rnav…” she moaned in surprise, fighting to close her legs and remove his hand at the totally foreign touch. But Arnav didn’t move away and eventually she  gave herself in to her husband’s expert touch . She moaned deeply at the pleasure his touch caused, but Arnav slowly removed his hand causing her to let out a disappointed sigh. He knew she would not be able to do this on her own so he took her hand and guided it to inside his boxers to touch him, stroke him and cup him and he clenched his other fist, praying for control at her first hesitant touch.
Slowly he removed his hand, let her explore him on her own and resumed pleasuring her with his fingers while his mouth creating havoc on her lips and breasts. Khushi was close to the edge. He could sense it from her moans and increased breathing. Without breaking the rhythm his fingers was creating he deftly removed their last piece of clothing and positioned himself above her, continuing the magic with his finger and when Khushi finally went over the edge and came, he thrust into her in one clean motion and held still. Khushi gasped in surprise, pain pleasure becoming one…
She was so soft, warm and tight and Arnav held himself still with great difficulty. She lay spent under him, but he still did not move, giving her time to get accustomed to him. He was not done with her and he again started caressing her down there again building the pleasure for her again. Slowly, gently Aranv started thrusting in and out of her. But Khushi was almost there, ready to come for the second time and instinctively wrapped her legs around him making him go deeper. Aranv groaned and finally gave in to his primitive instincts and started thrusting stronger and deeper. Khushi was more than ready to match him with it till they both were on the edge of heaven.

Afterwards, Arnav gently kissed Khushi and teasingly asked her, “so now you don’t think I am shirking from my responsibilities?” Khushi looked at him in confusion, not comprehending what he was saying. Arnav gently laughed and said…”remember what you said on the phone..I had a suhag raat with you…” Khushi blushed at hearing this making Aranv break out in a grin. Khushi…”tomorrow morning I will take my responsibilities even further and I will have a suhag day with you.” Oh and by the way…it did fit well, didn’t it? He said with a wink. Khushi blushed further and hid her face in his chest…feeling happy content and peaceful….

Hope you liked!! Comments and feedback please...

Hope you liked!! Comments and feedback please...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat!! - OS Part 1

This OS is more sexy and fun..not the hot kinds I usually write..just saying to set expectations. But read won't be dissappointed Wink

Prologue -Arnav knows the truth about Khushi's innocence Khushi still does not know why Arnav married her and yes their marriage has not been consummated as yet.

It's day before holi and Arnav is very irritated with all the holi festivities going on in RM. There were holi things everywhere..Colors in every room, water pichakari(guns)   here and there..his home was turned into some kind of holi stadium. He needed to work! Why people did not understand that simple fact!
He went to the only place in RM where he could find peace, i.e his room and stepped outside to the pool side to work on his laptop. Suddenly he heard the noise of  payals and a laughing Khushi quickly entered their room and locked it while yelling to somebody outside, "Sorry jiji, clearly this time I won."

Arnav irritatedly observed Khushi, damn there was no peace here also. Khushi and her saree were soaking wet, after locking the door unaware of her husband's presence, she started removing her saree, standing only in her white colored  blouse and petticoat. The blouse which also somewhat wet, moulded to Khushi's breasts and wet white blouse gave him glimpse of the peach skin underneath. Arnav's irritation disappeared in a flash as he saw Khushi's state and got replaced by smoldering desire to have her. He slowly, stealthily started walking towards Khushi, so as to not scare her away. Khushi in the meanwhile removed her blouse and walked towards the closet to pick another set of blouse and saree and as always happened with her, bumped in to her husband. Arnav held her from her bare waist to steady her, and her hands automatically went to his shoulders. "Aap yahan.." she said in a startled voice and looked at him. But finding Arnav's heated gaze on her very visible breasts made her aware of her semi-undressed state. "Hey DM" she gasped and pushed him away and ran back into a corner, facing the wall, so as to hide herself from his hot eyes.

Arnav couldn't help smiling at her shyness and innocence. But her milky white beautiful skin on her back and waist exposed to his eyes beckoned him, Ok fine, he would go slow, he thought to to himself, but he could not leave her totally unmarked! He lazily walked towards her with a wicked smile,  picked up some color on the way from a 'thaal' which lay in the corner. Khushi was trembling with mixed feelings as she sensed him standing behind her. He slowly leaned in kissing her neck, his breath on her neck creating havoc on her senses and whispered with a smirk.."Why are you so scared, I only want to play holi with you" and slowly wrote ARNAV on her back with the color in his hands... starting with 'A' at the base of her neck and ending the 'V' just above her petticoat. "Happy Holi Khushi!" he again whispered and with that he left again for the poolside and closed the french doors after him.

The moment he left, she grabbed her clothes from the closet and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Khushi, leaned against the closed door, still trembling at feeling of his fingers on her body few moments ago. What came over him? He never touched her like this, she thought..and now she would have to have bath again since he put color on her..she thought a little irritatedly. However she didn't realize he had written his name on her back or that the color he had unknowingly used was fast color and would not go with a mere shower.

She showered and wore another saree, left her hair open and went downstairs to help out in the kitchen. While helping in the  kitchen, Anjali suddenly noticed some weird markings on her back. "Arrey Khushiji what is this on your back?" "What?" Khushi asked in a surprise tone. Anjali moved her hair aside and could spot something that looked like a beginning of the letter A rest was covered by her blouse and then the letters 'AV' were visible. She started laughing, "Aarey Khuhsiji why do you have Arnav's name on your back?" "Arnavji ka naam??"  Khushi asked in surprise "Nahi..kaise?"  and then the 'how' dawned on her..Before she could reply anything back, a smirking voice from the kitchen door said'"Khushi why did you write my name on your back? Everybody knows that you belong to me. No need to mark it in writing." His voice contained barely suppressed laughter. Khushi irritatedly said'"now see here Arnavji"'He cut in and said'"NOT Here...let me see here'" and pushed her hair aside to admire his handiwork. 

Anjali could not control it anymore and burst out laughing and went outside the kitchen. Seeing that they were alone, Arnav took another opportunity to tease Khush, he put his hands ahead and caressed her tummy and  leaned in whispered "Waise my name looks good on your back, maybe we should also write it on the front also?" Khushi blushed and ran outside to safety in the presence of other people. Arnav lazily followed behind. On the dining table, Anajli had apparently told the other folks who were now busy teasing her. Khushi flashed irritated eyes at Arnav with a promise that she would get back to him..

Next day was Hoil,  Khushi excitedly went down to the kitchen but right then NK gave her 2 glasses of Milk-like drink and said this is for you and Nannav..special Holi drink'.and as an afterthought he added, "Anjali di gave this and said you and Nannav need to drink it now before coming to play Holi" he said with a smile. She said OK..and took the drink to their room, but in between she realized she had a perfect opportunity to get back to him, so she put some poppy seeds in his drink like she had done once before and smiling to herself she took the drinks up.

"Arnavji, Anjaliji has sent this holi drink for us. Here this is for you'" Arnav was on his guard however. He knew Khushi would get back to him for yesterday so he slyly took his outside on pretext of network connection while talking on the phone and dumped the contents outside. Khushi meanwhile drank the other one and smirked when Arnav gave her the empty glass. She went to the kitchen to keep the tray but came back to their room in 20 minutes because she was feeling very strange.
Arnav  watched Khushi as she came in, she was looking strange. Her eyes seem glazed, and movements seemed a bit uncoordinated. He asked her if she was feeling OK..and she replied in a slurred voice, that she was feeling OK OK OK and then started giggling.

Anrav got alarmed..something was not right here, "Kya hua Khushi?" but Khushi just continued giggling. She was OK just half an hour ago, Arnav thought to himself, what happened..she was Ok till that holi drink..HOLI DRINK..DAMN! "Khushii, Khushi did di actually give you the holi drink? Who gave you the holi drink?"  Khushi thought for 5 mins and said "Nanheji gave me" and started laughing. Arnav's suspicions got confirmed. "Khushi Khushi..Tum theek ho?" He asked her again. Khushi went to Arnav and put her arms around his neck and planted a kiss right on his lips..and then giggled again and answered "Ab hum thik hai" Arnav was  stunned. Before he could react, she bowled him over again. "Arnavji I have a question for you, Why didn't you do anything on our suhag raat?" 

Arnav was SHOCKED! "WHAT!! "he exclaimed. "Not What...why why" and she giggled.."actually What also.. What happens in Suhag raat? I asked jiji what happens..and she said you should know!  Arnavji must have done it too! go ask Arnavji, don't talk to me about that stuff. So tell me what happens in Suhag raat..and whatever happens why you didn't do it?" and she asked pouting her lips sulkily.

For the first time in his life, Arnav was stumped for an answer. Here, his sexy wife was asking him to talk about things he had been dreaming since forever long and she actually wanted him to do it. Her arms around his neck,  her breasts pressed against his chest and and her pouting  bottom lip was not helping at all. He tried to be noble and told her "Khushi ..why don't you lay will feel better," and he led her towards the bed. But Khushi refused to lie down alone and tagged Arnav along and pulled his hand when he was making her lay he fell fully on top of her. "Uff Arnavji what are you doing? Are we going to do our suhag raat stuff now? I hope not, cause it's not night..and it's called suhag know" Arnav rolled over. He was caught between so many emotions, tenderness at her innocence that suhag raat can only happen in the night, amused with her nonsensical talks but most potent of all was arousal - he was heavily turned on with all her suhag raat talks and the heavenly feel of her soft body against him.

He rolled over and made to get up but she put one of her legs on top of his leg and held his arms and smiled sweetly at him. She continued her chatter on Suhag raat. "You know I have one theory on what really happens on suhag raat." Inspite of himself he asked her.."ache what is it?"  "No no it is very disturbing..and I don't think it's even know it cant fit at all,  the sizes don't match...something's wrong with that theory." she replied.  Arnav tried his best to not laugh out loud. He really wanted to show her that it would fit..Dear it would fit!. He noncommittally muttered "accha?" "Haan" she said. "But I am going to find out from Laat Governer. After all he is my husband he needs to have some responsibility. Give me my phone, I am calling Arnavji" she commanded. Arnav trying  hard to suppress laughter,  handed her the phone. She dialed his number, and when the voice mail beep came she ordered.."Arnavji, you are not fulfilling your responsibilities as a husband, you need to have suhag raat with me..tonight!" Arnav instigated her from behind, "any other message you want to leave?" Khushi thought for some time and said "Haan..why are you not not wearing Indian clothes more often? you should wear them more often! you look good in it. Actually on second thoughts.. why don't you just remove your shirt more often? You will look even better!!" Arnav raised his eyebrows and asked if there was any other message she wanted to give. She said no and blew a kiss on the phone, Muaaah! And disconnected and half lay down on Arnav and instantly falling asleep.

Arnav looked at his wife's innocent face, her soft body pressing against his..he was overcome with desire so strong, he thought to himself, tonight you will get your wish Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada and gave a slow smile.

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